C-head is now on MySpace.

Thoughts on a live song or two from the archive that really stand out? It’d be nice to post album AND live tracks there.

– Brian


How about….

1) An early 90s Ab or BDS with Dave R.’s thunderous bass soloing.

2) A mid 90s Funky Bus with the Rappers Delight Bridge

3) A mid 90s FIOTL with the half speed Lake Titicaca rap as an intro..

[I just digitize them, I haven’t had the time actually to listen to them yet!]

Those would all be good, I’m sure. I was wondering, though, if you or anyone else had listened to a bunch of the shows and had in mind one or two for which both the performance and the recording were of particular note, and even if perhaps a few specific songs stood out. If I’m going to put just one song on MySpace from this archive I want it to be *killer*.

You should have a listent to the Brandeis Show

Given the superior sound quality, there might be a nugget or two in there. Mick seems to dig the old arrangment of Retrosexy…

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