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March 1st, 2014 CHUCKLEHEAD at DROM, NY, NY — The Funk Family Reunion Tour


July 26th, 2013 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Beachcomber, Wellfleet, MA — The Funk Family Reunion Tour
July 27th, 2013 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA — The Funk Family Reunion Tour


February 21st, 1997 CHUCKLEHEAD at TT The Bear’s, Cambridge, MA
March 14th, 1997 CHUCKLEHEAD at Middle East downstairs, Cambridge, MA
May 3rd, 1997 CHUCKLEHEAD at Mama Kin’s, Boston, MA
May 15th, 1997 CHUCKLEHEAD at Toast, Burlington, VT
November 29th, 1997 CHUCKLEHEAD at Mama Kin’s, Boston, MA


February 3rd, 1996 CHUCKLEHEAD at Mama Kin’s, Boston, MA
March 30th, 1996 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Black Cat, Washington, DC
April 12th, 1996 CHUCKLEHEAD at Granny Killians, Portland ME
April 13th, 1996 CHUCKLEHEAD at Granny Killians, Portland ME
April 26th, 1996 CHUCKLEHEAD Voodoo Jungle Funktion at Mama Kin’s, Boston, MA
June 1st, 1996 CHUCKLEHEAD at Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA
September 20th, 1996 CHUCKLEHEAD Funkdependant Party Presidential Convention at Mama Kin’s, Boston, MA
November 2nd, 1996 CHUCKLEHEAD at Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA
November 16th, 1996 CHUCKLEHEAD at Planet 505, Syracuse, NY


January 14th 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at Granny Killian’s, Portland, ME
February 12th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at Local 186, Allston, MA
April 14th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Haunt, Ithaca, NY
April 15th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at Nietzche’s, Buffalo, NY
May 4th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Paradise, Boston MA
May 6th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Boogie Bar, Rochester, NY
May 13th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Globe Theater, Norwalk, CT
May 14th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at MIT Wedding of Josh and Wendy Fedderly, Cambridge, MA
May 18th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at The Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH
September 17th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at Local 186, Allston MA
September, 27th 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
September 28th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at Water Street Cafe, Rochester, NY
September 29th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at The Grog Shop, Ames, IA
September 30th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at 2nd Story, Bloomington, IN
October 1st, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at Mississippi Nites, St. Louis, MO
October 4th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at The People’s Club, Ames, IA
October, 5th 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at Gunnerz, Iowa City, IA
October, 7th 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at Rich’s Cafe, Ann Arbor, MI
October 8th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at East LA, Syracuse, NY
November 10th, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at The Haunt, Ithaca, NY
November, 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Globe Theatre, Norwalk, CT
December 31st , 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at Mama Kin’s, Boston, MA


January 10th, 1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at Sunday River, Bethel, ME
January 12th, 1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at Sunday River, Bethel, ME
January 13th, 1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at Sunday River, Bethel, ME
April 1st, 1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at Local 186, Allston MA
May 6th, 1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at The Middle East, Cambridge, MA
June 4th, 1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at Wesleyan University [Alumni Reunion?], Middletown CT
August, 7th, 1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at Yellow Kittens, Block Island, RI
August 13th, 1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Middle East, Cambridge, MA
October 1st, 1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at Strawberries Record Store, Cambridge, MA
November 1st, 1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at Venus de Milo, Boston, MA


January 6th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Nostalgia, Quincy, MA
January 22nd, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA
January 23rd, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at Concord Academy, Concord, MA
February 5th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at Bleachers, Salem, MA
February 26th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at Edible Rex, Billerica, MA
February 27th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at URI, Kingston, RI
March 6th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at Curry College, Milton, MA
April 17th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD in Syracuse, NY
April 30th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at The Paradise, Boston, MA
June 8th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at Venus de Milo, Boston, MA
July 2nd, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at The Muse, Nantucket, MA
July 3rd, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at The Muse, Nantucket, MA
July 16th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
August 14th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Avalon Ballroom, Boston, MA
September 22nd, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Paradise, Boston, MA
November 12th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Quincy Market, Boston, MA
December 10th, 1993 CHUCKLEHEAD at The Rathskellar, Boston, MA


January 24th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Clark University, Worcester, MA
March 27th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at The Paradise, Boston, MA
April 3rd, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at The Haunt, Ithaca, NY
April 18th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Harvard University: Cabot House, Cambridge, MA
April 28th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD Big Wet Kiss CD Release Party at Venus de Milo, Boston MA
May 15th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Bleachers, Salem, MA
May 19th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Connecticut College, New London, CT
June 12th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Rathskellar, Boston, MA
June 13th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Beat, Danvers, MA
August 1st, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Bleachers, Salem, MA
August 7th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Willow St., Port Chester, NY
August 28th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Edible Rex, Billerica, MA
September 6th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Avenue C, Boston, MA
September 7th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Boston Common for Disabled Pride Day, Boston, MA
September 12th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Tufts University, Medford, MA
September 18th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD FUNKAQUATIC CONVENTION at the Paradise, Boston, MA
September 25th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at the The Haunt, Ithaca NY
September 27th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Briar Patch, Cornell NY
October 10th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Muse, Nantucket, MA
October 11th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Kiss 108 Fall Festival, Boston, MA
October 14th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Avalon, Boston, MA
October 30th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
November 14th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Bleachers, Salem, MA
November 19th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Avenue C, Boston, MA
November 21st, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at Edible Rex, Billerica, MA
November 25th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Rathskellar, Boston, MA
December 18th, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Wetlands, New York, NY
December 31st, 1992 CHUCKLEHEAD at 7 Willow Street, Port Chester, NY


February 8th, 1991 CHUCKLEHEAD at MIT Lobdell, Cambridge, MA
April 20th, 1991 CHUCKLEHEAD at MIT, Cambridge, MA
April 25th, 1991 CHUCKLEHEAD at Pearl Street, Northampton, MA
May 11th, 1991 CHUCKLEHEAD at The Channel, Boston, MA
June 20th, 1991 CHUCKLEHEAD at Axis, Boston, MA
September 1st, 1991 CHUCKLEHEAD at Some Local College Party, Boston, MA
September 3rd, 1991 CHUCKLEHEAD at Wheaton College, Norton, MA
September 6th, 1991 CHUCKLEHEAD at Wetlands, New York, NY
September 13th, 1991 CHUCKLEHEAD at Providence College, Providence, RI
December 2nd, 1991 CHUCKLEHEAD on WBRS, Brandeis Radio, Waltham, MA « If you only download one, this is it.


November 2nd, 1990 CHUCKLEHEAD at Axis, Boston MA
November 1st, 1990 CHUCKLEHEAD at Pearl Street, Northampton MA
December 30th, 1990 CHUCKLEHEAD opens for PHISH at the World Trade Center, Boston, MA


October, 1989 CHUCKLEHEAD at Club 3, Somerville MA


Possibly 1991 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Paradise, Boston MA
Possibly 1993-1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
Possibly 1994 CHUCKLEHEAD at Bon Vue, Narragansset, RI
Possibly 1995 CHUCKLEHEAD at Mama Kin’s, Boston, MA
Possibly 1995-1996 CHUCKLEHEAD at the Rathskellar, Boston, MA


nice :)

Escher Sprite

I’ve looked long and hard for a studio recording of Jeopardy. I once owned a tape of it that I purchased at one of their shows before the Big Wet Kiss release. It was unfortunately swiped so I was never able to digitize it. Does anyone know if a digital copy exists? iTunes and eMusic don’t carry it.

Sorry, we don’t have ant studio recordings for download at the moment. The version of Jeopardy from this show is quite good though.

When I first contacted Brian & Eben about archiving the handful of shows I had recorded, I had no idea it would balloon into such a huge project. I’m pretty psyched to have been a part of making all these recordings available that otherwise would have faded into obscurity. May the boys & their music live on forever!

I was just looking around the net to see if anyone had any shows to trade [I had some analog tapes that Brian and Mick let me copy] and I found Drew. The rest, [that and several hundred hours of active and passivle work] is history.

Kudos to the Eben, Brian and especially Huck for entrusting the catalog of live shows, studio masters, and video tapes to Drew and myself.

Maybe I’ll dust off some of those analog tapes and see about an X-mas present to the C-Head fans….

That unknown from Ithaca NY…probably the Ithaca College show…you opened for “Live” in Spring 1994 at an outdoor show…I’ll look for the exact date…

^ That would be cool, thanks A.C.

This is way too awesome – for a longtime fan and friend of Len E Len. Ah, it’s time to listen to some Rippo and Chucklehead… good times!

Sorry it took so long…Regarding the date for “CHUCKLEHEAD at Some College, Ithaca, NY”…it was probably the April 24, 1994 show at Ithaca College. You opened for Live at an outdoor concert. (You played an indoor show at Ithaca College at a later date…I’ll see if I can figure out when it was.) Other than that, Chucklehead played “The Haunt” when in Ithaca…at least during the 1994-1997 years. :)

There was a 4 song EP before Big Wet Kiss came out does anyone know the songs on that I think it had Jeopardy on it

Ethan, the tracks on the EP were
-Funky Bus

I’ve got mp3 versions taken from that cassette – if it’s ok with Chucklehead I’m happy to post somewhere.

Thanks John.
I have them as well. I’ll post them to our albums page.
We should have a page dedicated to that EP anyway.

i noticed there seems to be no live recordings of “flavorful bouquet.” is that true (and how come?) that’s my favorite CH song!

Hi Lu,
Flavorful bouquet is one of those things that just kind of happened as we were screwing around in the studio. A fleeting moment captured. We never tried to recreate it live.

well it was a very nice spur of the moment thing. thanks for the reply!

incidentally it JUST came up on my ipod which is on shuffle. timing, eh.

I just dusted it off and gave it another listen. Hadn’t really listened to that track in ages. The bass is an old cello we found in the back of the studio, horribly out of tune but still sounded great.

Another good one in that vibe is Smoke, Belly Up track 14.

Was the May 11, 1991 show at the Channel in Boston with the Danny Gatton band?

Holy sh*t! I’m from Beantown, live in Burque(Albuququerque) now, and was at The Channel show in ’91. It makes my day to hear these awsesome jams from Chucklehead. They’re timeless! Thanks.

I think one of those Avenue C shows was a benefit we put on for Just A Start House in Somerville. It was a good learning experience about how to put on a benefit for us, and a great experience for all attendees. I am looking forward to the show at the Middle East on Saturday!

Love and miss you. Love the site, too. Get you funky bus to NYC and write a song called “its your birthday” See you soon.

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