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A history of the BoomBox, 1976 to present


Ok, so, One night. August 10, 1997 to be exact – happened to be one of the best nights at my life. Chucklehead was playing at the Welfleet Beachcomber and I wasn’t old enough to get inside with the rest of my friends. We spent the whole day at this beautiful beach. We got all saucy and sunkissed as we waited for our beloved funk buddies to play at the shack that evening.

Nighttime fell and the stage was set, but Jessica was still outside. =(

There were two guys standing at the side of the building. Some light shining on their faces. I sauntered over to see why they watching. Come to find out the were standing right at the stage window, looking out into the crowd. And so, of course I joined them.

The band took a break and Mick comes outside for a smoke. I called out. “Mick!” I said. And we proceeded to chat and I explained that I couldn’t go in because I was underage, but that my friends are all inside rocking their fucking faces off. And i knew this because I was watching them, from over there, at the window…see? I said, “you know my sister Jenny Munch”. “She brings Eben an orange whenever she comes to a show”. So I said do me a favor, Mick, old buddy old pal and tell jenn I’m at. the window. word?

He said “word. Anything you want us to play?”

“Of course”, I said. “Bozak, please.”

“Ok! I’ll see what I can do”.

THEN…they’re back on stage. They play a couple of songs and then all of a sudden they turn their attention to the girl standing at the window! “It’s Jenn’s little sister”, they said “and she’s too young to be in here”.

“BOOOOOOOOO” the crowd yells. So they ask me “what would you like for us to play for you this evening, Jessica?

I said, well, I screamed “BOZAAAAAAAKKK!!!”

They turned the entire set around and played the first minute of the song especially, for me. The crowd is going fucking wild. I’m going wild. It was incredible….

And that, my friends, was one of the greatest nights of my entire life.

Now…would anyone have any way of possibly getting a video of this? Anyone. PLEASE!? a photo?

That would be sweet.

I’ve digitized nearly everything the Chucklehead has (video and audio) and I’m sorry, I haven’t seen it…..can’t speak for the photos, though…good luck!

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