Chucklehead on the ‘Sleep With Me’ Soundtrack

What do Meg Tilly, Eric Stoltz, Parker Posey, Quentin Tarantino and Chucklehead have in common? Sleep With Me.

Six different writers wrote a scene each of this romantic comedy featuring the marriage and turbulent relationship of Joseph and Sarah, with Joseph’s best friend Frank trying hard to cope with letting the love of his life marry his best friend. Featuring Quentin Tarantino in a cameo as Sid, a movie-bore party goer

The soundtrack includes “E-Rockin It”, “A-flat Traffic Jam”, “Funk is on the loose”, “Retro Sexy” and “Big Dumb Song” as the backdrop to a party scene where Quentin is telling some great stories.


Last time I saw Chucklehead was about ’92 in Burlington VT. A friend of mine sent me a site that linked to this. I think that it’s awesome that Chucklehead music is in a Tarantino related film. Maybe the band can get the recognition that it truly deserves.
I will be looking to count all the funky people in the house.

Hi John,
Well, I dusted off the DVD and had a listen… Our music is not played during the credits.

There are 2 tracks played during the credits. One is a rocking tune with an accordion and a bunch of drunks chanting ‘throwing time away’. That song is called ‘Wasted’ by Pere Ubu. It’s from the album ‘The Story of My Life’. CD Universe has it for sale and they have preview tracks to listen to. (big thanks to Jake Mohan for the info)

The other track is a jazzy/drum-bass song, I don’t know who does that one.

Which one were you looking for? Let me know if that was it.

Hi !
Please, can you say what track is playing in that film “Sleep With Me (1994 with tarantino)” when film ends, and cast of characters is scrolling ?
Is that your band ? If it`s not your song, can u help and answer – what music is playing there ?
I`m trying to find it for near 7 years sinse once i`we watched a film…..

Glad the group is back together & I’m looking forward to hearing some new tunes !!! Congrats on the successful reunion shows… Can’t wait to see you guys again.. Take care & hope to see you soon!!!

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