Desktop love

We’ve added a set of Chucklehead wallpapers to the photo gallery. Head on over and download them for some winter desktop love.

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Something is afoot. Check back here or, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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Eb’s score on PBS

Party People,

In the summer of ’07 I wrote the soundtrack (and played the guitar parts) for a short film called Yellow.

Channel 13, the NYC PBS station, is including the film …

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Give it up for Jason!

Jason B is just wrapping up the monumental task of encoding and archiving all of our board tapes. Thanks JB! You can see the fruits of his labor here.

There …

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The Domain Name Q&A

Q: What will you find here?


Pen Island
Who Represents?
Experts Exchange
Therapist Finder
Italian Power Generator company
Mole Station Native Nursery
IP Anywhere computer softwre
First Cumming Methodist Church
Speed of Art
Go Tahoe

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The Godfather

It think it goes without saying that we’ve had an enormus amount of respect for James Brown. Without his influence we would have been a very different band. RIP

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A Call for Words

So on Belly Up, you boys kindly said “you figure it out” for the lyrics to That’s Not It [one of my top 3 Chucklehead songs].

Well, damnit ~ I can’t. …

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all she wrote

The last of the EJS booty is in:

1995 Mama Kin’s
11/1/94 Venus de Milo
11/12/93 Quincy Market

And these shows had a few more tracks lying around and have been edited

Unless another private …

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a big wet kiss

9 Eric J. Simon shows, including the BWK release party…

9/22/93 the Paradise [the tape that ate my DAT player….]
4/30/93 the Paradise
4/1/94 Local 186
8/13/94 the Middle East
2/26/93 Edible Rex
2/27/93 URI
12/10/93 The …

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Eric J. Simon, represent

7 shows from the EJS stash….

9/7/92 Boston Common
11/21/92 Edible Rex
7/2/93 The Muse
7/3/93 The Muse
8/28/92 Edible Rex
6/8/93 Venus de Milo
5/6/94 The Middle East

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