If your girl starts acting up…

1/12/94: …then, try to work it out.
4/15/95: …then just go find another one.
5/15/95: …then you take a friend.
11/10/95: …then you must have been a bad boy.
9/20/96: …then just go buy the Chucklehead cd.
6/01/96: …then hey man, there’s a lot of them right here.

Meyer’s inimitable words of wisdom from the Rapper’s delight versions of Funky Bus.

Thanks to Drew for the ‘Research’….


At our wedding show (5/14/95) Meyer’s quick thinking resulted in, “then… try to work it out.” Many laughs were had. Wise choice… “then you take her bridesmaid” probably would not have gone over as well.

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