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3 More Live Shows….


I just wanted to echo the thanks for these shows. It’s been so freakin’ awesome to hear that which made this band so great, the live shows. As much as I love each album, they don’t do Chucklehead justice. Jason and Drew, your work is very appreciated by the rest of us Headheads.

It has been a pleasure…

Drew deserves most of the credit as he was taping a lot of the shows from the mid 90s and he has done the bulk of the work getting the shows up.

Really though, thanks goes to Chucklehead for allowing us to do it in the first place…and especially to Brian who supplied the last group of board tapes.

when i was like 13 or 14 my dad used to take me to the shows at granny killiams in portland.. any chance you have those on tape? those are some great tunes

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