Ho, Ho, Ho

Since you all thought the end of the live Chucklehead was in sight, I thought I’d dig deep for the holidays….

Ho: Live in Syracuse, 1993

Ho: Live in a Strawberries Record …

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Give it up for Jason!

Jason B is just wrapping up the monumental task of encoding and archiving all of our board tapes. Thanks JB! You can see the fruits of his labor here.

There …

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all she wrote

The last of the EJS booty is in:

1995 Mama Kin’s
11/1/94 Venus de Milo
11/12/93 Quincy Market

And these shows had a few more tracks lying around and have been edited

Unless another private …

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a big wet kiss

9 Eric J. Simon shows, including the BWK release party…

9/22/93 the Paradise [the tape that ate my DAT player….]
4/30/93 the Paradise
4/1/94 Local 186
8/13/94 the Middle East
2/26/93 Edible Rex
2/27/93 URI
12/10/93 The …

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Eric J. Simon, represent

7 shows from the EJS stash….

9/7/92 Boston Common
11/21/92 Edible Rex
7/2/93 The Muse
7/3/93 The Muse
8/28/92 Edible Rex
6/8/93 Venus de Milo
5/6/94 The Middle East

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8 is enough.

Dick van Patten has nothing on Chucklehead.

8 more shows up from yours truly and the Unstoppable Drew. The 1994 show was unlabeled and may not even be from 1994 …

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The Archive…

… has undergone a complete overhaul. New way of uploading shows, new URLs, and the loss of the best way to navigate the selections….

at LEAST they repoint all the …

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You make me feel…..

5 more nuggets, including one where Meyer tears up ‘Natural Woman‘ as an encore….

12/18/92 – Wetlands
9/30/95 – 2nd Story
5/19/95 – the Grog Shop
5/13/95 – The Globe Theater

and one from Drew
8/1/92 …

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22 to go…

and 5 more up

3/6/93 Curry College
10/8/1995 East LA
4/14/05 The Haunt (Slammin, in the words of whomever tracked the tape)
2/8/1991 MIT Lobdell
4/18/1992 Harvard University Cabot House

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Long Live Bunratty’s

Ok, so I don’t even know if they ever played Bunratty’s (though I did hear a rumor that they played a Halloween show where they did the Star Wars Cantina …

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4 More shows, including the often referenced but heretofore unheard New Years Eve Show where the Chucklehead opens for Phish.

12/30/1990 World Trade Center

10/12/1992 Kiss 108 FM fall festival

10/30/1992 Mass College …

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More Shows Up…& the Archive

9/18/92 (FunkAquatic Convention)

Only about 50 more to go….

Yes to Garret’s comment on another post ~ the archive’s servers occasionally hiccup or go down, making some of the shows inaccessible ~ …

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4 more live shows up

More early 90s featuring the infamous ‘Jake’ and a few other heretofore unheard nuggets.

Drew rocks for pumpin these out so quickly.


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3 More Live Shows….

They just keep a-coming….just wait until I get my hands on Huck’s stash….




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