Drew and I have finished Huck’s DAT stack. Saving (some of) the best for last, of course:

12/2/1991 Live on WBRS (Brandeis Radio). This recording was MASTERED and is the basis for Brady and the Dog on BWK. As close to a studio recording as you’re gonna get!

and the rest

Live at the Rat (unknown date)
The Haunt 4/3/1992
Providence College 9/13/1991
The Haunt 9/25/1992
At Some College in Ithaca (unknown date)
The Muse 10/10/1992 [partial upload, the first set will go up this weekend]

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Oh my god. I was just sitting here, minding my business, listening to the WBRS show and Retrosexy came on. I thought to myself “Huh. This is cool. I didn’t know Retro was this old. It’s interesting to hear this early version of…” Then came the bridge and my fucking head exploded.

For the love of Benji! That piece is *funky.

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