Give it up for Jason!

Jason B is just wrapping up the monumental task of encoding and archiving all of our board tapes. Thanks JB! You can see the fruits of his labor here.

There …

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The Domain Name Q&A

Q: What will you find here?


Pen Island
Who Represents?
Experts Exchange
Therapist Finder
Italian Power Generator company
Mole Station Native Nursery
IP Anywhere computer softwre
First Cumming Methodist Church
Speed of Art
Go Tahoe

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The Godfather

It think it goes without saying that we’ve had an enormus amount of respect for James Brown. Without his influence we would have been a very different band. RIP

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Chucklehead‘s, getting a little love over at
As always big ups to bronxelf, who always seems to be one step ahead of me ;)

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10 years old, but it’s news to me

I happened upon this review of FUZZ while doing SEO research for the site
Chucklehead delivers keen hip-hop grooves on Fuzz

Low soothing grinding baselines issue forth from speakers on overdrive. Punctuated …

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